Press Release PBCW Day 2 LHR 2013

Press Release

STYLE 360 Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 Lahore- DAY 2


Lahore, November 30:  Day Two of Pantene Bridal Couture Week left the guests mesmerized as they witnessed a change in the already impressive sets, with fresh flowers arranged around chandeliers with candles hanging down from them, additions in the backdrop and motifs on the catwalk.

The first show opened with Zainab Chottani who immediately caught the audience’s attention with HSY as her model resplendent in a black sherwani walking among her female models. Her fusion collection was elegant and her showstoppers were donned by Urwa, Marwa, Sherry and Maira Khan. She was followed by Erum Khan who also displayed some excellent pieces. Her showstoppers were worn by Fahad Rehman, who came in singing, Hamza Abbasi and Sidra Batool, and Iman Ali. Next came Bina Sultan who showcased a fusion collection. Tariq Amin and his wife wore her showstoppers. Show One of the second day closed with the collection of Humayun Alamgir who displayed a menswear line. His showstopper sherwanis were worn by Shoaib Malik, Noman Jawed and Uzair Jaswal.

Show Two opened with Maria B’s Mehndi collection which was showcased throughout with live classical music sung by Nayab Ali Khan from Raga Boys. Hina Butt followed with her impressive fusion collection. Her showstoppers were worn by Junaid Khan who came in singing, Sarwat Gilani and Fizza Ali. Maram and Abroo’s hair and makeup show followed which also featured Kiran Jung. Saira Rizwan came next with her east meets west collection. The inimitable Ali Xeeshan closed the night show on a dramatic note. His stunning showstopper was donned by Juggan Kazim.